Ravi (Hydrocephalus)Firozabad

Mukhtiar Singh (Rheumatoid Arthritis)AGRA

Nitesh Kaila (Corona)DELHI
Dear Dr. Pareek, I am very happy to visit your homeopathic teaching in Berlin. I am looking forward for the next teaching in April 2017.

Dr Libuse ChytraBerlin
Dr Pawan Pareek is an excellent fascinating Speaker who riveted the audience for two days on the topic. We send you an open invitation to come back.

Phoenix Talks, UK was honoured to organize a seminar on Evidence-Based Homeopathy by Dr. Pawan Pareek. Delegates were impressed with Dr. Pareek’s grasp of remedies and his successes with particularly difficult cases. His presenting style is both entertaining and educational.

Helen Kimball BrookeGreat Britain

Vishnu Tomar (Nephrotic Syndrome)BAH, AGRA

Rukmani Agarwal (Cirrhosis of Liver Hepatitis C)GWALIOR
Dear Dr. Pareek, Thank you for the excellent seminar! I enjoyed it much and learned a lot. I hope that you can come back to Berlin for another seminar.

Dr. med. Katja AschenbrennerGermany
A special seminar on Homoeopathy in female diseases was organized. Participants wanted to continue this exciting conference even after two days. An ongoing and vigorous applause was expressed. Dr Pawan Pareek has won this as a top speaker from India.

Bernd SchmidtGermany
Thank you for your outstanding presentations at the 6th Australian Homoeopathic Medicine Conference. We look forward to seeing you again at future seminars and conferences both nationally and interstate.

Maryanne LoganAustralia
Dear Alan – Thank you for presenting this interview with Dr Pawan Pareek, a star in today’s sky of homeopaths. I highly recommend taking the course on Female Diseases, as his presentation will provide a book filled with serious cured cases such as cancers, fibroids, infertility and much more. You will see the scans and blood work, as the documentation is thorough to show the progress of each case.

Dr Pawan has a routine of daily study that keeps him always learning and on his toes to recognize the totality of the case and any peculiarities that point him to a remedy selection. In addition, you will learn his particular success using repetition of dose and potency. With decades of successful cases, he has garnished great knowledge on case-taking and case-management. No end to praises for Dr Pawan.

DebbyFounder Homeopathy World Community