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quotes_left Phoenix Talks was honoured to organize a seminar on Evidence-Based Homeopathy by Dr. Pawan Pareek in June 2009.  The seminar was well-attended and our delegates were impressed with Dr. Pareek's grasp of remedies and his successes with particularly difficult cases.  His presenting style is both entertaining and educational.  All the feedback from our delegates was very positive.
Helen Kimball Brooke, Great Britain

quotes_left I was lucky enough to go to Dr Pareek’s lectures in Ealing London in the summer of 2009. It was a specialist day on homeopathy in the treatment of gynaecological disorders.

It was a fascinating day with much information, terrific slides and clear presentation of the patient’s picture, their symptoms and how cases progressed through, often to complete cure. What was even more impressive especially for us in the UK, battling against the enemies of homeopathy on a daily basis; it was scientifically proven cases, with Dr Pareek’s expertise in the field and his evidence based, scan results, ultrasound pictures etc, it is possible to see clearly on a pathological and scientific level that homeopathy works even with extreme female disorders.

Emma Field, United Kingdom

quotes_left Dr Pawan Pareek is an excellent Fascinating Speaker who riveted the audience for two days on the topic ROLE OF HOMOEOPATHY IN SURGICAL CASES. His Presentation was well up in information and gave them a share of his rich knowledge and experience.

It was our great honor and pleasant to share with you these days. we send you an open invitation to come back.

Gerasimos. Greece

quotes_left Dear Dr Pareek
On behalf of both the AHMC steering committee and the AHA, NSW branch, I’d like to thank you for your outstanding presentations at the 6th Australian Homoeopathic Medicine Conference.
The feedback which we have received has been incredibly positive and we are very grateful for your valuable contribution, not only to the high standard of presentations, but also to the smooth running and seamless delivery of your paper.
Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you again at future seminars and conferences both nationally and interstate.

President, Australian Homoeopathic Association (NSW branch)
For and on behalf of
The Australian Homoeopathic Medicine Conference Steering Committee

quotes_left Dear Alan - Thank you for presenting this interview with Dr Pawan Pareek, a star in today's sky of homeopaths. I highly recommend taking the course on Female Diseases, as his presentation will provide a book filled with serious cured cases such as cancers, fibroids, infertility and much more. You will see the scans and blood work, as the documentation is thorough to show the progress of each case. Dr Pawan has a routine of daily study that keeps him always learning and on his toes to recognize the totality of the case and any peculiarities that point him to a remedy selection. In addition, you will learn his particular success using repetition of dose and potency. With decades of successful cases, he has garnished great knowledge on case-taking and case-management. No end to praises for Dr Pawan.
Debby, Founder Homeopathy World Community

Dr. Pawan Pareek
Moti katra
Near Patel nagar
Agra, UP (INDIA)


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